Cuban Salsa - Intermediate Level - Volume 2
Our salsa lesson dvd video is intended for the intermediate and even advanced dancers to improve and enrich their repertory by Cuban Salsa patterns. Those salsa patterns are used in Rueda de casino or in couple dancing..... - In this volume, El Maestro proposes fifteen patterns : six are newly created by himself. You can use them to enrich your repertory in salsa evening or Rueda de Casino dancing. In addition, an explanation and a slow motion accompany each pattern. Prepare yourself to learn hot salsa and repeat these unique patterns. They are natural and easy to put into practice training in the dance night clubs...

Salsa DVD Patterns :
01- Coca Cola
02- La Differente
03- Tapas
04- Chacharra
05- Sombrero Doble
06- Papalina
07- Setenta siete (77)
08- Divorcio
09- Havanita
10- Abanico con sabor
11- Coppelia complicada
12- Estrangulador
13- Setenta nuevo (79)
14- Setenta con portada
15- La coqueta

+ Une démo

Duration : 54 minutes
DVD to Buy with : CUB102 / CUB201 / CUB203


Duration :  54 minutes Dance category : Cuban Salsa Studio : Salsa con Swing

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