East Coast Swing - Intermediate Level - Volume 2
this East Coast Swing Dance Instruction DVD is for intermediate level You must have all the basics taught in DVD (Rock101 et Rock102) (One complete year of lessons and practice) ..... Explanations are based strictly on 3-3-2 or 1-2 / 3&4 5&6 (Rock academy french).

Sections Chorégraphiques

1- Spirale arrière et chaise longue

2- Le glacier et le cercle latino

3- Ouverture triple tour et saut avec chaise à genoux

4- Ouverture bloquée, véronica, balade pointée

5- New York swing, chariots et tunnel reprise

DVD to Buy with : ROCK201 / ROCK102


Duration :  46 minutes Dance category : East coast Swing Studio : Rock and Roll en France

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