• Kizomba


    La kizomba (danse populaire d'origine Angolaise) est devenu la danse en couple qui envahit les clubs de danse en Europe.…
  • Kizomba Act 1 : Beginners

    Kizomba Act 1 : Beginners

    Introduction to the skill required for the increasingly popular dance style kizomba. Developed in Anglola in 1989, kizomba is a…
  • Kizomba Act 2 : Intermediate

    Kizomba Act 2 : Intermediate

    Act 2 is the Follow up of Act 1. You are now an improver Kizomba dancer and Act 2 will…
  • Kizomba Niveau I et II

    Kizomba Niveau I et II

    Nelson and Sophia are happy and excited to present the first ever English professional instructional Kizomba DVD on the market.…
  • Kizomba Niveau III

    Kizomba Niveau III

    Kizomba DVD Level III offers you the perfect opportunity to improve your Kizomba dancing with two of the world’s finest…
  • Kizomba Niveau IV

    Kizomba Niveau IV

    Kizomba DVD Level IV is intended for more experienced dancers, who are looking to bring theirKizomba skills to another level.…
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