Kizomba Niveau I et II
Nelson and Sophia are happy and excited to present the first ever English professional instructional Kizomba DVD on the market.
113 minutes of excellent teaching and a total of 16 amazing sequences choreographed by the Kizomba Master Teachers. This limited edition of Kizomba DVD including Level I & II combined, offers incredible value for money.
This DVD is intended to get people started on Kizomba Dancing and at the same time offers beautiful sequences to develop your style.
On Level I of this DVD Nelson & Sophia go through several basic sequences, step by step, with clear explanations, including men and ladies footwork, leading and following technique and plenty of opportunity to practice with music.
Level II is about learning some amazing sequences to boost your dancing skills and allow you to shine on the dance floor.
Pattern dance Kizomba Level I
1- Side Hip
2- Side Hip in a circle
3- Basic Step
4- Basic Step in a Circle
5- Forward Travelling
6- Saida ( Lady OutWard Walk)
7- Balance
8- Lady OutWard CrossWalk

Pattern dance Kizomba Level II
1- Circular Step in Sequence
2- Samba Step
3- Spiral
4- Eclipse
5- Lady Circle Man
6- Come & Go
7- Shuffle and Rocking
8- Samba circular with Slide

The latest equation in the latin dance scene goes roughly like this:

Bachata hip movement +
Merengue motion +
Lambada hold +
Tango steps =

However, this does not imply that if you can already dance Bachata, Lambada and Tango you necessarily will be able to dance Kizomba. This is mostly because of the bizarre and variable count used in the dance, which ranges between 3 beats basic steps (to 4 beat music!) to moves of 4, 6, 8 and even 12 beats. This is where Kent Salsa comes handy with their Kizomba level 1 and 2 DVD. They cover the basic elements in a simple and clear manner. If you already dance at least one 'Caribbean' style dance (zouk, bachata or salsa) as well as tango, this DVD will give you the few hints you need and you will be able to dance a beginner level Kizomba in a jiffy. If you are a novice in those dances you may need a bit more practice, but the necessary explanation is all contained. A simple, but effective product.

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Duration :  113 minutes Dance category : DVD Kizomba Studio : Kizomba

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