Kizomba Niveau III
Kizomba DVD Level III offers you the perfect opportunity to improve your Kizomba dancing with two of the world’s finest Kizomba teachers. This DVD includes many new spectacular moves and sequences for you to learn within the comfort of your own home. Nelson & Sophia will take you through all the moves step by step, separately explaining ladies’ and men’s footwork, leading and following technique and styling. Additionally, they will go through all the sequences with you with music, making the whole experience of learning Kizomba even more enjoyable and effective.

Level III Dance DVD Kizomba
1- Basic Into Shuffle (Cha Cha Cha)
2- Saida into Shuffle (Cha Cha Cha)
3- The Square
4- Samba with Variation
5- Parafuso (The screw)
6- Circle into Saida
7- Sunrise
8- Coma and Go with variationRunning Time: 78 min
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Duration :  78 minutes Dance category : DVD Kizomba Studio : Kizomba

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