Partnering Cuban Salsa Style - Advanced Beginners Level
Casino style salsa master level turns. El Maestro will show you how to dance cuban salsa with style. Together they create an incredible exciting dance team whose performances captivate the audiences worldwide. This is a very challenging and unique instructional video that contains 17 of El Maestros most practical and easy turns which you will not be able to find anywhere else in the world. El Maestro have put all of their effort in making this new instructional video a success and have broken down all of the turns in French for you to enjoy. The turns are known as
1- Saccala con estilo
2- Creyente
3- Dile que no con estilo
4- Guajira
5- Ahinama
6- Suelta
7- Timba
8- El Dos con Sabor
9- Panque et variantes
10- Yogur et variantes
11- Balada
12- Romantica
13- Sensual
14- Guapa
15- Torrero
16- Machucala et variantes
17- Farandula
Approximate running time: 75 minutes. Master Instructor: El Maestro.Produced by : El Maestro himself.
DVD to Buy with : CUB102 / CUB103 / CUB201


Duration :  75 minutes Dance category : Cuban Salsa Studio : Salsa con Swing

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