Salsa Origin : Cuban Salsa - Salsa columbia - boogaloo et Bach
So today there had not been the techniques of dance around the cuban salsa and portoricaine, the salsa of the sources will be incontestably the way most natural and intuitive to dance the salsa all while having fun with the music: it is as that which dances the salsa in the mediums which can move without counting and in particular in South America. It is the form of Salsa which each one of us must know...

This DVD is intended for any public, having the direction of the rate/rhythm which wants to learn the essential figures and to quickly dance the salsa without investing itself in long-term academic courses. Side riding, all that one watch is assimilable quickly in general.

- Our video salsa of the sources in DVD is intended to the dancers having around 1 month of course salsa initiation like our cuban DVD salsa (CUB101).....
- In this volume partly salsa cubano - Colombian, El Maestro proposes 11 practical sequences which you can easily remake in evening. These sequences rest on the first principles of the salsa. Each sequence is accompanied by an explanation and demonstration in music. Resulting from the practice of Maestro, prepare to learn and repeat these routines easy to remake in evenings. This volume supplements DVD CUB101. El maestro will explain you the easy ways to pass from the cuban salsa to the salsa portoricaine and vice versa during same of dance. In the second part, El Maestro will teach you approaches of Colombian salsa sometimes called salsa tappée or salsa with tappe. It will overflow with its connection with the style salsa boogaloo by showing you two alternatives of salsa boogaloo. To finish El maestro will show you how to dance Bachata in the original form without any addition of figures essay writers of the other dances. Today, Learning the salsa with our videos DVD with a professor of dance within your home became a reality and as in a school of dance without ruining yourself, to move and when your time allows it.

- the choreographic sections are explained and shown on the "1" (1-2-3/5-6-7) - In this DVD method or course of dance, El Maestro proposes sequences Salsa type, boogaloo and Bachata to you which you can easily remake in the night clubs with your partner of dance...

- 11 routines of cuban or colombian Salsa.
- Technics of tranfer from cuban to puertorican and in the other way ...
- The colombian salsa
- The Boogaloo Boogaloo
- How to dance Bachata at the end of the DVD

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Duration :  62 minutes Dance category : Cuban Salsa Studio : Salsa con Swing

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